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Street Meter Parking:  

Meters are $1/hr, sold in 15min quarter bites.  Most spaces are 3 hr. parking.  A few are 30 min. or 1 hr.

Note: Street cleaning on Ashland immediately west of Main occurs on Tuesday afternoons, so beware.  Empty spaces can be a ticket trap.  Read the signs on the meters carefully.

Note: The meters will not “sell” additional time over the post hours.  The meter must turn over (a car must pull out) and re-set for the next customer.  You cannot “feed the meters”  beyond the max. time.

Note: The “new” meters a are better because they take credit cards, and are worse because they malfunction.  They have been known to expire early.  It is recommended you use a credit card no matter how much time you’re purchasing so you can prove if necessary that you bought the time at a certain time.

Municipal Pay Lot:

Pay station parking: $1/hr,  sold in various blocks of time.

Note: YOU MUST put the receipt on your dashboard after purchasing the space.  Failure to do this, even if you bought the space, can actually result in a $53 ticket.

Note: You can buy up to 4 or 6 hours depending on day of week and time of day or night, Please read the signs.

Note: You must park “head in”.  If you back into a space a park you will get a $53 ticket.

If you are going to the beach and park at the beach in an all-day space, we encourage to walk the block to Main Street and enjoy some shopping, snacking or dining.  Main Street is a World Away From the Ordinary, A Block Away From the Beach.

The MSBIA is working to improve negative situations caused by these meters and the accompanying rules.  We want you to enjoy your shopping and dining experience on Main Street.  If you have a problem please read the back of the ticket and seek to resolve it.  Also, please let us know if you have a bad experience so was can try to make things better.


Special Announcement to those of you who go to the Main Street Farmer’s Market on Sundays: To learn how to take advantage of the City parking program for you, go to the City’s information table at the market. This program is not being advertised on the web or in general advertising; information is readily available for you at the market on Sundays.