SOULstice 09

20 bands, 7 stages, circus acts, childrens’ area with petting zoo… FREE!

2-day Sidewalk Sale!

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Schedule of Bands and activities on Sunday June 28 by location
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Live Music By: The Neil Deal, The Bonedaddys, Petty Theft, Helios Jive (with Carlos Vera, live painter), The Summer of Love Show, The Paul Chesne Band, Highway 61 Revisited, Southbound, Stevie Starlight, Dr. Wu, CubensisThe Sunshine Brothers, BLVD, The Golden West, Heartless, Killing Cassanova, The Shore, Aras, Minibar, Ena Vie, Tereza & the Banditz, and DJs.

The Neil Deal, the Neil Young tribute band, will return to the SOULstice festival, at the Kinney Stage

The 9th Annual Main Street Summer SOULstice is sponsored by:

with additional generous support from The Doves, American Apparel, First Federal Bank,
the Santa Monica Mirror, West Coast Parking, Allstate Parking, Black Sheep Services, JOL Design,
the City of Santa Monica, and Santa Monica Sign & Banner.

Circus Acts By: Hoopnotica, Ravyn, HoopTease featuring Kelleia, StiltRockers, Jesselynn Desmond, Ross Steeves, Tom Keelan, Bill Parks, Ron Keck, Heather Hopkins, Alexandra Fulton, Cybelle Elena; Antonio Gomez-Rubio, The Stiltwalker, more.  (Circus show at the First Federal lot produced by Suzi Gunn/Another Jaw Dropping Production.)

StiltRockers, Kelleia of Hooptease, and Ravyn of Clowns of Los Angeles

The Sidewalk Sale will take place on both Saturday and Sunday, June 27 and June 28, from 11am to 7pm at participating merchants.  Participating merchants will include Arts & Letters, Clever on Main, Gioia, LA Urban Fitness, LF Stores, Paint:Lab, Patricia Junes, Rudy’s Barbershop (Sunday only), Ten Women (Sunday only), Tim Clarke Design, Trendy Sunglasses (almost everything 20% off), Uroborus (and they will be having a party).

The Kids’ Activities area this year, 11am – 5pm, sponsored by the Santa Monica Convention & Visitors Bureau, will be at the public parking lot just north of the Community Gardens, on the southwest corner of Main & Strand.  Tawni’s Ponies will have her Petting Zoo there.  (There won’t be pony rides this year.)  And Rockie The Clown will return to do facepainting and balloons and Jersey Jim, Comedy Magician, will return, too!  The activities here as throughout the SOULstice event are FREE.

Highway 61 Revisited at SOULstice ’08
They’ll return this year, at the Edgemar Courtyard at 2:15pm

(subject to change)
(south to north)

Pier Ave. (sponsored by O’Brien’s Irish Pub)
(west side, between Kinney Ave. and Marine Ave.)
noon: Stevie Starlight
1:45pm: The Shore
3:30pm: Minibar
5:15pm: The Paul Chesne Band

The Paul Chesne Band will play at Pier Ave. at 5:15pm.

Kinney Ave. (sponsored by Enterprise Fish Company and Joe’s Grill)
(west side, between Ashland and Pier Ave.)
noon: Heartless (tribute to Heart and Classic Rock)
1:45pm: Southbound (Allman Brothers tribute band)
3:30pm: Neil Deal (Neil Young tribute band)
5:15pm: Petty Theft (Tom Petty tribute band)

Petty Theft, the Tom Petty tribute band, will be at the Kinney stage at 5:15pm.

First Federal lot
(Sponsored by The World Cafe and Library Alehouse)

(Mid-block east side between Ashland and Hill)
12:30pm: Circus show
1:30pm: Summer of Love Show (tribute to late ’60 music)
3:30pm: Circus show
4:25pm: Tereza & the Banditz
5:00pm: The Bonedaddys

The Bonedaddys will make their first appearance at the Summer SOULstice festival,
playing at the First Federal Lot at 5pm.

A unique and exciting twist to live music, The Stilt Rockers combine their talents of stilt walking and performing classic tunes of the 50′s through to the 90′s with a fresh and contemporary feel.

American Apparel lot (sponsored by American Apparel and T-Mobile)
(northwest corner of Main and Hill)
12:30pm: Cubensis (Grateful Dead tribute)
2:30pm: Helios Jive
4:30pm: BLVD

Carlos Vera, live painter, will be painting at the American Apparel lot as Helios Jive plays at 2:30pm…
and he may be elsewhere throughout the festival during the day.

Edgemar Courtyard (sponsored by Edgemar)
(east side between Ocean Park Blvd. and Hollister)
2:15pm: Highway 61 Revisited (Dylan tribute band)
4:30pm: Dr. Wu (Steely Dan tribute band)

The Summer of Love Show (aka A Woodstock Tribute) will return to the SOULstice festival, playing at the First Federal lot at 1:30pm.  (Photo from their recent gig at the Hard Rock in Vegas.)

2219 Lot (sponsored by Euphoria Loves RAWvolution)
(northeast corner of Main and Strand)
[order of appearance below; performance times not available yet]
12:15pm: Ena Vie
1:15pm: Sunshine Brothers
2:15pm: Aras
3:15pm: Luminaries
4:15pm: The Golden West
5:15pm:  Killing Cassanova

Tereza & the Banditz will play a short set at the First Federal lot at 4:30pm

Bay Ave.
DJs – 2pm – 7pm
also: Hoopnotica, with demonstrations, classes, entertainment

Minibar, a fan favorite at O’Brien’s, will play at the Pier Ave. stage at 3:30pm


Noon: Stevie Starlight, Pier Ave.
Noon: Heartless, Kinney Ave.
12:15pm: Ena Vie, 2219 lot
12:30pm: Circus show, First Federal lot
12:30pm: Cubensis, American Apparel lot
1:15pm: Sunshine Brothers 2219 lot
1:30pm: Summer of Love Show, First Federal lot
1:45pm: The Shore, Pier Ave.
1:45pm: Southbound, Kinney Ave.
2pm-7pm: DJs, Bay Ave.
2:15pm: Aras, 2219 lot
2:15pm: Highway 61 Revisited, Edgemar Courtyard
2:30pm: Helios Jive, American Apparel lot
3:15pm: Luminaries, 2219 lot
3:30pm: Minibar, Pier Ave.
3:30pm: Neil Deal, Kinney Ave.
3:30pm: Circus show, First Federal lot
4:15pm: The Golden West, 2219 lot
4:25pm: Ara, First Federal Lot
4:30pm: BLVD, American Apparel lot
4:30pm: Dr. Wu, Edgemar Courtyard
5pm: The Bonedaddys, First Federal lot
5:15pm: Killing Cassanova, 2219 lot
5:15pm: The Paul Chesne Band, Pier Ave.
5:15pm: Petty Theft, Kinney Ave.

Southbound – the Allman Brothers tribute band, returns; they’ll be at the Kinney Ave. stage

Parking info:
If possible, walk, bike or take public transit.
If you drive… There are two Main Street parking lots, Lots 9 and 11 with around 270 spaces. Both fill up early because of the Farmers’ Market. There are two nearby beach lots with around 2,400 spaces. These beach lots generally don’t begin to fill up until around 1pm, and don’t always fill up, so arriving before noon increases your chances of a spot.

Please remember: meters on Main Street start at 9am, even on Sunday, and run until 10pm always.

Additional parking info can be found on the Parking page of the Main Street website.

Big Blue Bus will run a FREE shuttle to from the parking structure on 4th street near the 10 exit and next to the Police Station to Main Street for the duration of the event (from 11am to 7:18pm– see schedule below). This may be your best bet to avoid traffic, especially if you are coming to Santa Monica on the 10 or from north of Colorado (the street, not the state).

FREE SOULstice Shuttle

Shutte Service begins on Civic Center Drive nearside Avenida Mazatlan at 11:00 AM

Right on Avenida Mazatlan, RIGHT on 4th Street to Line 2 bus stop farside Civic Center Drive if any passengers are waiting.  Continue without passenger stops via 4th Street, RIGHT on Hill Street, drop off all passengers at Line 2 stop nearside Main Street.

Shuttle to return pick-up via Hill Street to RIGHT Nielsen Way, RIGHT Ocean Park Boulevard to Line 8 stop farside Main Street and pick up returning shuttle passengers.  Proceed without making passenger stops via Ocean Park Boulevard up ramp to LEFT on 4th Street, LEFT Civic Center Drive to Shuttle Stop/layover zone nearside Avenida Mazatlan.

Leave Civic Center Dr.        Leave Ocean PK BL/Main
11:00                                       11:06
11:12                                       11:18
11:30                                       11:36
11:42                                       11:48
12:00                                       12:06
12:12                                       12:18
12:30                                       12:36
12:42                                       12:48
1:00                                         1:06
1:12                                         1:18
1:30                                         1:36
1:42                                         1:48
2:00                                         2:06
2:12                                         2:18
2:30                                         2:36
2:42                                         2:48
3:00                                         3:06
3:12                                         3:18
3:30                                         3:36
3:42                                         3:48
4:00                                         4:06
4:12                                         4:18
4:30                                         4:36
4:42                                         4:48
5:00                                         5:06
5:12                                         5:18
5:30                                         5:36
5:42                                         5:48
6:00                                         6:06
6:12                                         6:18
6:30                                         6:36
6:42                                         6:48
7:00                                         7:06
7:12                                         7:18

BLVD, from San Francisco, will be at the American Apparel lot stage at 4:30pm

Note to inquiring Vendors: The Main Street Summer SOULstice is designed to bring people to Main Street for a good time, to learn about the shops and food establishments on the street, and to shop and dine on the street during the event and/or in the future. It is unique. There are no outside, non-Main Street vendors.

The 9th Annual Main Street Summer SOULstice is a production of the Main Street Business Improvement Association.  The MSBIA Event Committee includes Joe Pipersky (chair), MSBIA Board Members Olivia Brown (Chair), Anthony Schmitt (Vice Chair), Carol Incontro (Treas.) and Radka Opalka; Jo Todd, Katherine Kemp, Suzi Gunn, Petey, Lori Muller, Antonio Vega, Nicole Leal, Jamie Graber, Fran Lyness, Abby White, Melanie Cote, Theresa Fricke, and managers and employees of LF Stores; Gary Gordon, Event Coordinator

Graphic Artist: Tracy Hopcus.

Circus Photo: Peter Brooker.