Welcome Samosa House

Newest member to the street family of merchants:

Main Street welcomes the “Samosa House”
Famed vegetarian Indian restaurant!

There is nothing like a great Samosa House meal. The brightly colored space features a large centralized communal table and outdoor seating brightened by strings of hanging, exposed light bulbs. Be it takeout or in the restaurant, you can’t go wrong with the heaping portions of jackfruit, veggie chicken, saag, and aloo served as fast as you can order it. Despite the fact that the stuff comes from a steam table, all of it is delicious and worth the measly $10. The only thing that can beat that is the garlic naan they serve.

Start with an order of pakora that are crunchy and moist, served with a choice of onions and spinach or deep-fried cauliflower. À la carte options are available but the combo plates are the best deal, with three entrée choices, brown or white rice, and homemade plain or garlic naan. The best picks for the curries include an artichoke-like vegetable known as jackfruit, which is slow-cooked and tender; soy chicken stewed with coconut milk, cream and ginger; and a well-executed traditional saag, or chopped spinach cooked with Indian spices and cream. Samosas, of course, are a highlight, and are filled with a combination of minced peas and potatoes, surrounded by a thin and crispy crust. Dessert options are limited, and include donut-like balls called “Gulab Jamun” swimming in honey, or a sweet and slightly savory carrot pudding. A few Indian beers and a large selection of non-alcoholic ginger beers are also offered.

Samosa House is a family-owned & operated Indian Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant chain situated in the heart of Southern California. Starting as Bharat Bazaar in Culver City, we have grown to four locations in the Greater Los Angeles area with the newest location being 2301 Main St. Santa Monica.

Their passion is to provide their audience with authentic and traditional Indian cuisine at affordable prices.

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