Welcome Sisters Gifts & Glassware

Welcome Sisters Gifts & Glassware

Located in the historic Carlton at 220 Pier Avenue, Santa Monica 90405
Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm (Closed Mondays)

Main Street welcomes ‘Sisters Gifts & Glassware’ a new boutique gift shop.

Owning a gift shop by the beach has been a dream of Martha Sims and Lisa Travis for many years. Due to the insurge of online shopping, there are fewer and fewer places left where someone can actually touch and see the quality of what they are buying. So, on November 18th, the sisters opened the doors to Sisters Gifts And Glassware, where they have created a pleasant atmosphere to shop for affordable yet high quality unique items and enjoy excellent customer service including free gift wrapping.

These items include jewelry, hand bags, perfume bottles, candles, picture frames, lamps, vases,trinket and jewelry boxes, 3D metal puzzles, poker kits, decanters and flasks to name a few.

Constantly offering new items, including specialty items from local artists ensures a fresh and exciting experience each time their customers return. There are currently 5 talented artisans featured at Sisters.

Carole Russo uses donated beautiful high quality reclaimed fabrics in her Warrior Collection of one of a kind purses and cosmetic bags. This allows her to donate 25% of the proceeds to The Joyful Heart Foundation and help victims of sexual assault, domnestic voilence and child abuse.

Bernard Wolf has been capturing fascinating images of landscapes, architecture, interiors, portraits and products for over 30 years. His instinctive love for many forms of beauty are portrayed in his photographs.

Tony Cavallero’s artistry with recycled glass began when the Northridge earthquake ended. His desire to construct something positive out of the devistation resulted in the creation of glass angels. His intricate glass and wire sculptures have touched the hearts of many over the years.

Sheldon Wolfe utilizes skills that he used throughout his career in aerospace to create highly detailed laser carved candle holders that cast enchanting shadows on surrounding walls and ceilings.

Kaitlin Kirker is the lastest addition to the artist family at Sisters with beautiful shadow boxes and stationary inspired by her Many Faces Of Women collection.

Sisters Gifts And Glassware is located in the historic Carlton at 220 Pier Avenue, Santa Monica 90405

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm (Closed Mondays)

Sisters Gifts & Glassware

220 PIER AVE – Sisters Gifts & Glassware


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