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Dear Main Street Restaurants & Bars,

We are launching an exciting monthly event to help stimulate the hospitality businesses on Main Street. This will be similar to the many ‘Bar Crawls’ and ‘Happy Hour Events’ that happen regularly on Main St. already. The difference is that we aim to manage it better, and with more feedback from you. Also, the money made will stay on Main St. instead of going to a third party.

We all have a vested interest in promoting business here, so the money collected from wristband sales will go straight back into our efforts to improve the economic health and vitality of Main Street by funding events and promotions just like this. Wristbands will be sold online, and at the Farmers Market. They will be distributed by one ‘starting venue’ which will likely rotate each month, that will be staffed by an MSBIA representative. The venue does not need to do anything to manage this.

Participation is voluntary, and if you do choose to participate, you can decide what’s appropriate for your restaurant or bar to offer. We will keep an updated list of participating restaurants & bars and what they’re offering on our website. First though, we need to get you signed up and note what your initial offering is going to be. You can cancel or change the listed offer at any time simply by emailing us.

Some examples of offerings from businesses are:

  • 5% or 10% off the check, or just certain items
  • One free item (non-alcoholic beverage, etc.) with purchase of another item (entrée, etc.)
  • Extended Happy Hour, etc.
  • Any other creative or fun ideas you can come up with: Special drink, app, Etc., Etc.

This will happen monthly on the last Thursday of the month and we will launch it at the end of May to coincide with Memorial Day Weekend, so please get us this info at your earliest convenience.

Sign up is easy, and can be done by filling out the form below or you can end us the relevant info along with any questions or concerns to either: or

We want to be as inclusive and engaging as possible as an organization but we need your help and feedback! Thank you, and we hope you will participate in this exciting program! Our goal is to energize and improve the economic vitality of this district and we’re confident this is a good step in that direction. Contact us if you have any questions.

Hunter G. Hall – MSBIA Executive Director


Hunter G. Hall
Executive Director
Main Street Business Improvement District Association

Jenny Rice
Assistant Executive Director
Main Street Business Improvement District Association


This wristband will cost approx. $10 (TBD). They will be on sale at the Main St. booth at the Sunday Farmers Market, and on our Website, as well as at the ‘starting location’ each month.

It requires no special hardware or software.

Venues do not have to take money for wristbands or process transactions.

MSBIA will provide wristbands and will have a representative at the starting venue to process any payments and distribute wristbands. If people want to purchase wristbands at the starting venue, they may do so through this MSBIA representative.

Each week will have a different wristband to avoid abuse and reuse.

Details and operational logistics of this event are subject to change at MSBIA managements sole discretion at any time, for any reason.