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Edobox Located in the heart of Main Street Santa Monica, Edobox by Makoto is a modular bento box experience for dining outdoors in style, or takeaway. The menu showcases acclaimed chef Makoto Okuwa’s mix of modern Japanese and equatorial influences... Website
2912 Main Street
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The 40-foot tall Shopping Cart Tree inside the Frank Gehry designed Edgemar building, will be lit up for the 26th year in a row. 84 shopping carts will be staged in the shape of a Christmas tree and lit up with 1,500 light bulbs.
Al Fresco Outdoor Dining Mystic Journey 2923 Main Street Website

To sum it up: These bus stop changes will increase the amount of curb space available for businesses and improve bus travel efficiency and safety at stops.


We are still going to remove the Ashland/Main St. stop, we just didn’t include it on this flyer as graphically it is hard to fit it in and since it has already been officially closed.

Some additional background:

  • These moves should net the equivalent of ~8 new meter parking spaces (space could also be used for parklets etc). First, because we are removing some stops and secondarily because when we move the bus stop so it is after rather than before an intersection like at Bay St/Main St the bus only needs ~50 feet of space rather than ~100 feet of space.
  • Having the bus stop after rather than before an intersection is also safer as people cross behind rather than in front of the bus.
  • The timeline has not been completely ironed out, but we should be able to make this happen within the next few weeks.
  • At Bay Street, we should end up losing only 1 parking space on the north side of Bay, with the bus stop move but 2-3 spaces will be gained on the south side.

To purchase Main Street Employee Parking Permits, please contact parking@smgov.net. Our Parking Team issues individual employee permits for Lot 4 South (Beach Lots). If you would like to purchase employee parking for the Main Street lots, please contact Hunter Hall Executive Director of the Main Street Business Improvement District as he can help facilitate. hunter@mainstreetsm.com

Proposed Street Closures – Dining