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Dear Merchants,

As some of you already know, we are launching an exciting loyalty program in partnership with The Ocean Park Association (O.P.A.) for businesses on Main Street designed to drive repeat business from local residents and customers who live and work in the area. This program is intended to be very similar to KCRW’s “Fringe Benefits” program.

Participation is voluntary, and if you do choose to participate and offer an incentive, you can decide what’s appropriate for your business. We will keep an updated list of participating businesses and what they’re offering on this website. First though, we need to get you signed up and note what your initial offering is going to be. You can cancel or change the listed offer at any time simply by emailing us.

Examples Offerings:

  • 5% or 10% off the bill/check, or just certain items
  • One free item (non-alcoholic beverage, etc.) with purchase of another item (entrée, etc.)
  • Special pricing of other kinds (Extended Happy Hour, etc.)
  • Complementary service or % off said service

A brief explanation of how the program will be operationally managed is in the details section below, along with the sign up form. We aim to launch this initiative by the end of July, so please get us this info at your earliest convenience.

Sign up is easy and can be done by filling out the form below or emailing the relevant info or any questions or concerns to: You can also just send us the relevant info in the body of an email.

We want to be as inclusive and engaging as possible as an organization but we need your help and feedback! Thank you, and we hope you will participate in this exciting program! Our goal is to energize and improve the economic vitality of this district and we’re confident this is a good step in that direction. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Hunter G. Hall
Executive Director
MSBIA – Main Street Business Improvement Association
P.O. Box 5260
Santa Monica, CA 90409


This loyalty card will cost $15 and will be included with the annual cost of an OPA membership. It will expire each year. They will also be on sale at the Main St. booth at the Sunday Farmers Market, and on our Website.

It requires no special hardware or software to read the cards.

Each year will have a special graphic on the front, and the terms and conditions on the back, along with the 12 months of the year, which will be used to physically mark when the cards expire. Example: If you buy the card/join OPA on June 4th, 2019, OPA, or MSBIA will give you a 2019 card, and punch the ‘June’ month on the back with a hole puncher. The card then expires on the last day of June 2020. This way, people have to renew OPA membership or purchase another card annually.


Rewards Program Sign Up