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Dear Neighbor,

Starting on June 22, the City will begin adjusting roadway markings on Main Street from Hollister Avenue to Pier Avenue and will temporarily place concrete barriers at selected locations from Bay Street to Marine Street. The purpose of this project is to give businesses additional space within the Main Street roadway and some adjacent streets to use for outdoor seating and retail space to facilitate economic recovery and safe physical distancing.

The restriping will remove the center turn lane on Main Street. After the restriping, the road will consist of one vehicle lane in each direction and one bike lane in each direction. The existing green bike lane and the parking area will be available for outdoor use at selected locations.

Please be advised that a City-hired contractor, PCI, will be working in this area. The work includes the removal of some existing striping and the installation of new striping and concrete barriers. This project will include both daytime and nighttime work. Daytime work may include temporary lane closures during construction hours and generate noise. Nighttime work will include street closures between 9pm and 6am and noise making activities will be limited.

Construction Period:

The construction is scheduled to start on Monday, June 22, 2020 and continue during days and nights for approximately 3 weeks. Please note that the start and completion dates of construction may be revised due to unforeseen conditions and weather. Visit our website for updates.

Restricted Access:

During Phase 1 of construction, vehicular travel along Main St will remain open. During Phase 2, which is estimated to begin 6/30, there will be full closure during the hours of 9PM-6AM between Bay St and Marine St.


Parking around the work area will not be permitted when temporary “No Parking” signs are posted.